Cost of Attendance

桃花直播's universities are consistently rated as some of the most affordable in the United States.

  • In-state undergraduate tuition and fees are approximately $6,500 (2023-24); out-of-state undergraduate tuition and fees are $22,000 (2023-24). Tuition and fees vary by university and from campus to campus, and actual costs will depend on program, course level, number of credits taken, residency, living arrangements and lifestyle.
  • On-campus room and board is approximately $10,000 - $15,000 depending on location, room and meal plans. 


Who is eligible for resident tuition?

桃花直播 that graduated within the past 12 months from a qualified 桃花直播 high school. 鈥淨ualified 桃花直播 high school鈥 shall have the same meaning used to determine eligibility for the UA Scholars Program.  桃花直播 designated by the UA Scholars Program as UA Scholars for a period of 12 months after UA Scholars designation.

In most cases, this information is reported to UA and students will not be required to submit the residency application.

桃花直播 who received or have been qualified by the State of 桃花直播 to receive an 桃花直播 Permanent Fund dividend within the last 12 months are eligible for resident tuition rates. In most cases, this information is reported to UA and students will not be required to submit the residency application.

Individuals who have lived in 桃花直播 for 12 months or more and meet one or more of these criteria are qualified for resident tuition rates:

  1. documentation that the student moved household goods to 桃花直播 at least 12 months ago;
  2. documentation of the lease, rental, or ownership of real property in 桃花直播 for at least the prior 12 months;
  3. documentation of permanent employment in 桃花直播 for at least the prior 12 months; or
  4. other indicia of 桃花直播 residency for the twelve months deemed satisfactory by the university chief enrollment officer or designee.

桃花直播 with the following military affiliations are eligible for resident tuition rates:

  • Active duty members of the United States Military; their spouses and dependents; members of the National Guard and Reservists; their spouses and dependents; and United States Veterans eligible for Veterans Administration education benefits; their spouses and dependents. (For purposes of United States active duty military and individuals receiving VA benefits, their eligibility for in-state tuition and fees shall be consistent with Regents鈥 Policy or requirements to maintain approval for VA education benefits under applicable law, whichever is more favorable).

Spouses or dependent children of UA employees eligible for resident tuition

Dependent children of a current 桃花直播 resident are eligible for resident tuition. 

Participants of the University of 桃花直播 College Savings Plan, the John Hancock Freedom 529, and the T. Rowe Price College Savings Plan, who meet eligibility criteria as may be established by the Education Trust of 桃花直播.

桃花直播 who have a parent, step-parent or grandparent (natural or adoptive) currently living in 桃花直播 that qualifies as an 桃花直播 resident (also known as the 鈥淐ome Home to 桃花直播鈥 program).

Residents of other states or provinces (e.g., Yukon Territory) for as long as those other states or provinces have a reciprocal agreement exempting/waiving nonresident tuition rates for 桃花直播 residents. See individual university websites for additional information.

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